Staying safe playing Tennis during Covid

The pandemic of 2020 has affected all of our lives in a various ways. Because of the virus Tennis has been greatly affected. Players around the world have been waiting patiently for the danger to pass and to get back onto the court. Economies and facilities around the world are reopening, but many uncertainties are still hanging over the tennis court.

How can we make Tennis safe again? The USTA has released and indispensable guide on "Playing Tennis Safely" which should be seen as the gold standard for returning to the courts.

To stay as safe as possible, never touching a ball that your opponent has touched is vital. This is made easier by marking your balls or using two different colors so that you make sure to only pick up your own balls.

Since it is inconvenient to the point of ruining the game to have to walk around the net each time to pickup your own ball each time you win a point, its best to have a way to pick up your opponent's ball without using your hands and place it into a hopper on your side of the net. This also reduces that need for you and your opponent to ever have to cross to each other's side of the net. The answer here is the Pop-iT Pickup Solution.

Pop-iT Pick up in action:


When you need to gather up the balls, a quick tap on the top of the hopper drops the ball where it needs to go: